The Video AI Platform to facilitate

Transform critical workflows in the Media & Entertainment space with the help of Generative AI

Advanced Content Discovery

Dynamic Highlight Creation

Improved Content Moderation

Automated Subtitle Generation

Semantic Search over massive media libraries to get quicker search results

  • Go beyond the traditional keyword-based searches
  • Improve the search experience by more closely aligning search results with the intent of a user’s query

Generate Multiple Highlights from your Content

  • Generate dynamic highlights and reels based on user inputs
  • Publish directly to Social Media or download to EDL

Accurately Detect Explicit Content

  • Moderate content in a time-efficient manner
  • Blur mask or cut explicit shots and Insert Statutory warning

Generate & QC Subtitles Effortlessly

  • Generate subtitles and translate in over 90 languages with high level of accuracy
  • Review and Edit seamlessly with the Reflexion Subtile Editor

Get ideas for creating new storyline, alternate endings,dialogues, poems etc.