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Collaboration Features

Manage your media
and teams

Upload your media

Create unlimited projects. Upload files and folders to your projects with no file size restrictions.

Organize your files

Search for your files quickly. Organize files into folders. Sort files by status, file type, upload date and more.

Add team members

Add unlimited team members and external reviewers.

Collaborate with
your team

Text Comments

Type frame-by-frame comments with automatic timestamps. Interact with your teammates with threaded commenting.

Visual annotations

Draw or point out what you want highlighted on every frame of your video.

Draw on whiteboard

Doodle notes over the video without disturbing the frame behind it using the whiteboard tool.

Leave voice notes

Voice annotation lets you leave voice notes tied to the frame when you want to leave complex feedback.

Attach files to comments

Attach reference files like videos, audio, image or documents to your comments and annotations.

Download comments

Download your comments and annotations for offline viewing and reference.

@Mention team members

@Mention team members to get their attention. Mentioned team members receive automatic notifications.

Add new versions

Stack unlimited versions directly on top of the original file in-app or through your editing suite.

Compare versions

Compare versions side by side, synchronized playback or with individual timelines.

Get more

Assign tasks

Get actionable work done by assigning tasks to a specific user. Tasks that are completed can be marked resolved.

Set due dates and priority

Assign a due date to each task and a level of priority.

Dashboard and Task Panel

Track tasks to ensure quick execution through the dedicated task panel and analytics.


Integrate with your existing editing and project management tools.

Mobile app

Our mobile app ensures on-the-go collaboration and access to your files from anywhere.

Review and Approve files
with ease

No login required

External reviewers with access to review links can review files without having to login.

Share your files

Custom privacy review links

Custom privacy settings for each review link shared.

Roles and permissions

External reviewers can be assigned a role with customized permissions.

Add expiry dates to links

Add custom review link expiration dates that can be extended or shortened at anytime from the shared links panel.

Watermark editor

Add a watermark to shared files. Create new or edit watermark with the inbuilt watermark editor.

Private comments

Shared links can have commenting disabled. Comment privacy can be set to public, private or internal team only.

Artifical Intelligence features

Visual recognition

Face detection

Detect all faces appearing in your content. Our AI models also detect known faces of over 2000 celebrities.

Clustering of faces

Unknown faces are tagged and made searchable. Train AI model to recognize face by labeling unknown face.

Emotion detection

A total of 12 emotions can be detected in your video like happy, angry, sad, neutral, surprise and more.

Fashion apparel identification

Easily discover various clothing and fashion apparel like dresses, suits, cosmetics along with its colour.

Place identifcation

Detect indoor or outdoor shots and type of place including office, restaurant and much more.

Action identification

Detect visual actions like kissing, hugging, fighting, dancing, shooting and over 400 other actions in your video.

Camera shot classification

Identify various types of shot in your video like wide angle, close up, long shot & others.

Scene separation

Scenes in your videos are automatically detected and separated for quick and easy access.

Audio and Speech

Speaker tone identification

Detects tone of the speaker automatically. Choose from a range of 12 tones.

Background sound detection

Identify all forms of background and urban sounds.

Music genre identification

Identifies music genre in your audio automatically.

Auto-subtitling &


Create automatic subtitles for your videos with inbuilt auto-subtitling, saving you hours of manual work.

Edit subtitles

Edit autosubtitles when needed with the editor. Subtitle files can also be uplaoded and downloaded separately.


Speech in your video is automatically transcribed to text. Transcription can be downloaded or viewed.

Content moderation


Detect parts of your video that have a cigarette or the act of smoking automatically.


Detect parts of your video that have alcohol in the frame or person consuming alcohol.


Detect nudity and exposure in your content autoamatically. Review them frame by frame.


Vioolent scenes can be detected automatically using reflexion.ai's violence detection feature.


Save time detecting abusive language in your content with automatic profanity detection.

Smart search

Smart Search

Intuitive smart search interface lets you find exactly what you're looking for in your video file with automatic filters created for tagged videos.

Advanced search

You can also Search for audio and visual tags across ,multiple files, project or across your library with ease.

Audio text search

Search for specific words or phrases in your video using simple text search.

Combination search

Combine search with muliple criteria like face, emotion with desired camera shot to find exactly what you're looking for.

Search contextual moments

Search for contextual moments like ad opportunities, moods, objects and others without the need for manual discovery.

Enhance collaboraton with AI

Our AI tagging and search enhances your creative collaboration with rich context available at the click of a button.


Create quick storyboards
and first cuts

Drag & Drop

Simply Drag & drop files to the preview to add them to the storyboard timeline.

Trim Content

Trim your video or audio with accuracy.


Overlay images, text or audio on top of the video with opacity and other controls.

Adjust Timeline

Add layers to your timeline and move and adjust them to your liking.

Adjust Playback speed

Roll back the playback speed to slow down the footage or audio.

Add transitions

Add transitions between scenes.

AI Search integration

Advanced search your project files to quickly pull up what you're looking for to be added to the storyboard.

Overlay AI detected scenes

Scenes in your video files are separated automatically to be added to the storyboard with ease.

Download & share

Storyboards can be shared, reviewed and downloaded with your team and external collaborators.

Frequently asked questions

What is Reflexion.ai and why would i use it?

Reflexion.ai is the next-gen creative collaboration platform for creatives working on content. Collaborate visually, Auto-tag your videos, Search inside your media, Create Storyboards and much more. Save time and money, automate repetitive tasks and streamline your production.

What file types can i upload and collaborate on?

Reflexion.ai supports video, audio and image and pdf files in a variety of formats.

Do you have a plan with just the AI features?

We do have custom enterprise plans available. Please write to us with your requirements and our team will be happy to assist.

Which browsers are supported?

Reflexion.ai supports the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Edge, iOS and Android.

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